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Advanced Stainless Aluminium Products

Chippers and Peelers

We supply commercial potato chippers and automatic potato peelers for vegetable preparation.

ASAP Chippers and Peelers

In addition to conveyors and filtration systems, we also supply commercial potato chippers and automatic potato peelers for vegetable preparation. Ideal for catering establishments, commercial kitchens and food processing facilities, our vegetable peeling and chipping equipment is ideal for the efficient automation of food preparation.

Commercial Potato Chipper

When food has to be prepared quickly, the PC2 Commercial Potato Chipper can drastically reduce preparation time, chipping up to 25kg of potatoes in just one minute, saving on both time and waste. A wide range of interchangeable knife blocks can produce chips of varying sizes, creating a real “home-made” look and taste to the chips.

Key Features

  • Compact design with capacitive 25kg hopper load
  • Choice of chip sizes with a range of knife blocks
  • Fast chipping at 25kg of potatoes per minute
  • Simple “plug and go”, safe operation
  • Drainer, worktop or stand mounted

Automatic Potato Peelers

ASAP Chippers and Peelers

ASAP Chippers and Peelers Machines

Our automatic potato peelers can process a large amount of potatoes within a short space of time, perfect for large and “high-traffic” catering establishments. Built from quality materials by skilled engineers, the SP Automatic Potato Peeler offers heightened reliability and years of valuable performance. With a small footprint, compact design and quiet running motor, they can be used in any kitchen environment.

Key Features

  • With a fast peeling output of up to 250kg potatoes per hour, the SP Peelers are the obvious alternative to manual potato peeling.
  • An easy to use manual timer provides an accurate setting run time for up to 4 minutes, freeing up the operator to complete other tasks.
  • A robust and ergonomically designed exit door enables the potatoes to be easily emptied from the peeler.
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