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Advanced Stainless Aluminium Products

Oil Filters

ASAP supply quality mobile filtering machines to the fast food industry, manufactured within our premises in the UK.

A.S.A.P supply quality mobile filtering machines to the fast food industry, manufactured within our premises in the UK. The Aries and Pisces oil filter machines reduce the quantity of carbon particles found suspended in hot cooking oil, therefore prolonging oil and fat life, giving a consistent quality to fried foods.

Aries 3 ASAP Oil Filters

The Aries 3 Oil Filtering Machine provided by ASAP

  • Increase oil and fat life by up to 80%
  • Speedy filtration, 24-26 litres of oil per minute
  • Motor 0.33HP
  • Quick release hose couplings for easy storage of hose if needed
  • Flexible triple ply safety hose - 48 inch long
  • Mounted on castors for easy movement of the machine
  • Easy to replace castors
  • Independent Nozzle locking mechanism
  • Inexpensive disposable filter papers
  • Double skinned stainless steel construction (Aries) only
  • Three pans can be cleaned with in 20 minute
  • The machine operates from a 13amp supply
  • Heater Elements for pre heating the machine when using solid state fats or oils
  • Easy to read operation manual and operating DVD

Whilst filtering may add twenty minutes to your working day, customer feedback makes it apparent that it is the most important twenty minutes of the day. The time is a small sacrifice in the light of today’s oil prices, which have nearly doubled as of late. An outlet can save up to 40% in oil costs which is approximately £35.00 a week, this equates to the purchase of an Aries machine in just 14 months, after that the savings are pure profit.

The Aries oil filter is designed for daily use by caterers and fish and chip shop owners to give them the best possible presentation of their deep fried food products. By using the Aries Filter machine, it allows you to take out all those unwanted suspended food particles that are left in your oil/fat when you have been cooking for the day.

Filter Papers & Spares

We supply approved food safe filter papers round or rectangular and from stock. We despatched by carrier to most destinations on the UK mainland.

Filter Papers & Spares

  • Asap Gallery Oil Filters 13
  • Asap Gallery Oil Filters 28
  • Aries3 Image
  • Asap Gallery Oil Filters 14
  • Asap Gallery Oil Filters 27
  • Asap Gallery Oil Filters 30
  • Asap Gallery Oil Filters 31
  • Asap Gallery Oil Filters 15
  • Asap Gallery Oil Filters 17
  • Asap Gallery Oil Filters 18
  • Asap Gallery Oil Filters 19
  • Asap Gallery Oil Filters 21
  • Asap Gallery Oil Filters 23
  • Asap Gallery Oil Filters 24
  • Asap Gallery Oil Filters 25
  • Asap Gallery Oil Filters 13
  • Rectangular Filter
  • Super Pad Aries 2 Pura 250 Merlin
  • Round Filter
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