Filter Papers & Pads

ASAP supply quality Approved food safe filter papers in round or rectangular shapes.

Filter Papers & Pads

We supply approved food safe filter papers round or rectangular and from stock. We despatched by carrier to most destinations on the UK mainland. ASAP Bitterling cooking oil filter machines can be used with the following grades of filter paper and filter sheet:

Rectangular Filter Papers

(20 × 16 inch) Rectangular multi woven viscous raycon filter paper.
Machines used with:

  • BLA170
  • BLAR 50 & 100P
  • BLA 225P

Round Filter Papers (50g or 65g)

(42 cm diameter) round multi woven viscous filter paper.
Machines used with:

  • Aries
  • Aries2
  • Aries3
  • CS55
  • Pura 125 & 250 Merlin 56
  • CS100P

34 cm Single Pass White (Additive Free) Superpad

Superpad is an easy to use, operator safe environmentally friendly depth filter media used for treatment of edible frying oils & fats.
Machines used with:

  • Aries
  • Aries2
  • Aries3 CS55
  • Pura 250
  • Merlin 56

Filter Paper

The woven oil filter paper is ideal for businesses seeking to optimise food quality and take advantage of potential savings in oil usage provided by ASAP- Bitterling machines. Daily filtration enhances food appearance, taste and quality and increases the active life of cooking oil or fat used in fryers by up to 80%. All this can easily be achieved by using the woven paper.

For businesses wanting to go the extra mile in oil filtration, the Aries 3 used with the super pad depth filter will provide an extra dimension in appearance and quality of the food produced. Depth filter pad will also prepare discarded oil for use by the bio-fuel aftermarket, a market that is becoming increasingly lucrative to owners of businesses that use cooking oils.

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